Friday, 19 August 2011

1st Post

So I thought I'd start a blog. Yet another activity to distract me from writing a novel. Way I figure it, this is writing so I'm essentially practicing. Any writing is good writing. Right? Well, good as in the act of writing is good, not necessarily the end product is good.

This blog will hopefully become a place for me to discuss writing as well as sharing my thoughts on what's good in books, comics, movies, TV and music, and anything else I'm feeling passionate about at any given moment. 

I'm sure my entries will be sporadic. But I hope entertaining. If anybody reads them that is. Oh well, life is full of risks. I think I can handle the risk of people not reading my blog. Christ, it's not exactly life threatening! 

I promise my next blog will be more entertainig than this one. 

In the meantime check this astoundingly useful blog entry from Jason Arnopp. I loved it and have adopted his philosophy wholeheartedly.

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