Saturday, 21 July 2012

My #MenageMonday Debut

So, I finally got a chance to get involved in Menage Monday, a flash fiction challenge organised by the wonderful Cara Michaels. Usually I'm working but this week I was off so I thought I'd give it a go.

If you're not familiar with the Menage Monday challenge it's really easy to get involved. Cara puts up three prompts - 1 picture, 1 sentence/phrase, and the judge's prompt. This week the judge's prompt was to do a werewolf story. The guest judge this week was my pal, and fellow Batman super-fan, Jalisa Blackman. So that was an extra incentive to get involved.

At first I didn't think I'd be able to take part because I don't usually write supernatural/horror type stuff. But as I thought about it, an idea started to form in my head and I started to put some words down, and before I knew it I had a coherent little short story. Unfortunately it was too long (Menage Monday entries must be between one and two-hundred words.) So I did some (a lot) of trimming, and voila, I had my 200 words and I was ready to submit.

I was fairly happy with what I'd written, especially as this was my first attempt at a flash fiction contest.

I didn't expect to win, which is good because I didn't win.

There was a lot of really strong entries and I enjoyed reading them all. It was great to feel part of a little community of writers.

What I really enjoyed and found very encouraging was the fact that I was able to write a fully formed piece of fiction in about an hour, from the idea forming to the finished piece. It gives me hope that I will one day finish the novel I've been writing for years.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the experience and I would encourage anyone to get involved and I'd like to thank Cara and everyone involved in making it happen.

Below is my entry and below that is a link to Cara's site, where you can see all the entries from this weeks contest and have a go yourself next time.

The New Arrival

 The new arrival sat in an armchair facing the window. His eyes were following the reflection of the rising moon. He was rocking gently.

“He’s barking mad that one.”

“How d’you know? He’s only just got here.”

“Heard the nurses talking. Said he was picked up by coppers last night. Stark bollock naked, snarling and howling.”

“Bloody Hell. Stay away from that one.”


“You heard about the bones?”

“Yeah. Found in the grounds this morning. Rat or something.”

“Yeah. But it weren’t a rat. More like a bloody dog by the size of ‘em I heard.”

“Bugger off.”

“Stripped clean the guards said.”


The men looked over at the new arrival quietly picking at his breakfast. He didn’t appear to have much of an appetite.

They looked at each other, raised eyebrows.


“Couldn’t be.”

Later, he was having trouble sleeping. He could see the new arrival’s room across the corridor. He saw the door open slightly and a shape came into view. It was hunched over on four legs. It looked unnatural. He saw red eyes flash, looking directly at him. The animal darted away, faster than anything he had seen.

Stay away from that one, he thought. 


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