Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ifanboy Weekly Sketch Up - 20th April 2012

Weekly Sketch Up - 04.20.2012

I love this feature on one of my favourite internet sites. I must admit though I haven't checked it out for a few weeks. When I opened this one up I was blown away. The quality of the art is always high, and it's really interesting to see different artists takes on well-known characters that we're used to seeing drawn in certain ways.

My particular faves from this week are the Green Arrow sketch by Jock which is so cool and understated; the Mad Men sketch by Phil Noto, which captures that thing Jon Hamm does with his eyes where he says a thousand things without speaking; and most of all the Calvin and Hobbes sketch by Sean Murphy as seen below.

Calvin and Hobbes by Sean Murphy

My favourite cartoon characters drawn by one of my fave new artists? Okay then! It's beautiful and I want it on a t-shirt or a poster or burned into my retina. Maybe not. But it is beautiful.

All the sketches are wonderful, as ever. So follow the link at the top of the post and check it out. And you're welcome!

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