Saturday, 24 March 2012

Shooting pool on a smart phone

I’ve always had trouble getting down to it. Writing, that is. Actually it’s most things, who am I kidding?

I can procrastinate with the best of them. I can procrastinate better than the rest of them actually. I am the world’s most accomplished procrastinator. Well, you’ve got to have goals right?

Ok, maybe I’m not that good/bad when it comes to procrastinating but I give it a fair old crack of the whip. There are too many distractions you see? I’ve posted previously about the amount of “stuff” that fills our lives. I’m talking about books, films, TV, Twitter, our loved ones. Only kidding on that last one!

But that’s the thing. There’s so much stuff bombarding our lives all the time that it becomes difficult to make time for anything else. I somehow still have time to go to work every bloody day though. But I accept (begrudgingly) that it’s a necessity, like eating and sleeping.

The thing is (the other thing) I like all the stuff. Well, most of it. So it’s difficult to ignore it. And you can’t ignore it all, otherwise you’d have no fun in your life. Spending a few minutes on Twitter, or sitting down for a couple of hours to watch a film or read a book is not a bad thing, and you shouldn’t feel bad for doing it. If you’re a writer then yes, you could be using that time to write, but you’ve got to have some down-time too. Remember all work and no play leads to a whole load of madness and death.

I suppose what you do with your down-time is the thing (the last thing).

Which brings me, in a leisurely, some might say procrastinating, way to the title of this post. You see, I recently got a new phone. The model is unimportant. What is important is that it’s a smart phone. Now, my old phone was smart but it was never going to take over the world. Whereas my new phone scares me it’s so damn smart. And now I find myself shooting pool on a smart phone when I could be reading a book, or watching a film or a great TV show, or, you know, that thing I profess to do in my spare time - writing.

So I resolve to spend more time writing and less time playing games on my phone. There is a place for such a thing I’m sure, and it is harmless fun, but I’ve just got to remember how much I love writing and not spend so much time not doing it.

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